Scars can be frightening to just think about it! The sight of scars and the traumatic effect that they bring back is something that can become difficult to deal with. Taking a look into the contracture scars – today, is going to unearth the reasons, causes, and possible removal methods. Browsing through this article might come in more handy than you would think, given the underlying reason behind such scars and the possibility of contracting them. So sit back and read along!

Burn scars appearing on the skin may tend to have visible effects which may take its own time to heal but such scars may also be the cause of what is known as “The Contracture Scars”. Corresponding to its name – these scars contract or tighten the skin on getting burnt, this may well leave the area of skin unable to perform smoothly as the scar may go deeper affecting the nerves, making it difficult for muscles to move. Typically occurring as they second or third degree burn scars – the contracture of skin around the burnt area may lead to a restricted movement of the muscle.

In most cases burn scars or contracture scars reside for long and do not wash away on their own. This makes it eminent to take other avenues in treating them, unless one wants to boast of a battle won! The treatment of contracture scars can pass through various phases, ranging from occupational therapy and physiotherapy to splinting. In a worst of case if the scar persists and doesn’t seem to fade away the person may resort to getting it surgically removed. To help with the maturation of the scar there are pharmaceutical drugs available as well, silicon gels make the prominent shareholder in this space. Widely accepted thumb rule is that prevention of contracture formation is the key which translates to – taking immediate care after a burn injury and paying extra attention to treatment for the same. Adding to this – few instant burn remedies that may be of use in dire times are listed below:

  • Applying aloe vera on the affected spot and rubbing it gently over it.
  • A blend of honey in cold water has been seen to do wonders.
  • Applying antibiotic ointments can bring instant relief to the impacted area
  • Fresh and clean cold water or cold compresses can help ease the pain and bring relief
  • Finally, having an over the counter pain reliever is a wise act.

Carbon Dioxide therapy has been recently put to use in loosening the skin around burnt areas and providing relief to it. It is, although yet to find it calling in global official rehabilitation programs.

Prevention is better than cure, they say – and so true this holds when it comes to cases of scars. Taking proactive measures to prevent burn scars include, at its grassroot level, treating skin with moisturizing agents such as oil and cleansers. This allows for the skin to remain exfoliated and repairing happens at a faster rate if at all there is a scar on the skin. Additionally focusing on preventing the excess exposure to sun – may prove significantly helpful in the long term as – the melanin kicks in on constant exposure to skin, while melanin is an active agent in battling the uv rays of the sun – it also causes skin burns and may eventually add up to severe burns as well. As a mindful act of staying far from contracture scars or even treating them with care, undertaking these simple pointers may help you ensure that radiant glowing skin.

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