Facial beauty has always got its value in the world. Glowing skin is considered to be a mark of a healthy body too. Many factors would determine healthy skin; however, any other factors cause the skin to deteriorate. Any harm to physical beauty can cause immense mental agony too. Although there is an age factor connecting to it, you may also see fine skin ailments in young people too. Though most of the skin ailments are not life-threatening, some are surely affecting external beauty.

Blemishes – What are they?

Blemish is a broad term for any type of mark or spot on the face. These marks can be formed due to several reasons. The discoloration of the skin due to these marks and spots are also called as blemishes. Around 50 million people in the US are suffering from skin blemish of various kinds.

what are BlemishesAs said earlier, age is another factor. But the percentage of young people in the US who are getting affected is more. There is no gender demarcation in this aspect, but the most pain occurs to the women. The amount of care taken to their face may not be of any help. Every human has a different skin type. Every skin type has got different factors that affect the surface. It can be a pimple or a wrinkle. It can be acne or papules. Anything can cause skin blemish.

So many treatments and creams are available in the market. The dangerous part is, you must select the best one for your skin. There are many cases where these creams can further worsen the problem. At the same time, the consistent usage of such creams that are suitable is recommended too. The result depends on many factors. But let us see what causes blemishes.


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Reasons for Skin Blemish

As said earlier, one of the major factors for skin blemish is the aging factor. On the other hand, if the skin gets dull day by day, it may make you look old too. So, let us keep the aging factor aside and see what causes blemishes in the skin. Again, the younger age treatments and care can also come as a boon or bane at a later stage.

Blemishes can be caused due to viruses. Like the chickenpox and cold sores are caused by viruses and can stay permanent if not treated well. There are reasons like skin infections too. It may cause the skin to tan or a section of skin to discolor as well. Though it shall not be prominent in the beginning, at a later stage it can be visible as a patch too.

You may have to attribute the dullness of the skin due to the sun as well. If your skin is exposed to excessive heat or sun, it might turn dull. Ultraviolet rays tend to make your skin go tan also. On the other hand, there are a few skin marks like acne can also happen due to genes. Yes, it can be hereditary too.

Every skin has a different texture. At times skins with fewer pores or clogged pores may be prime reasons for blemished skin. The blood circulation and proper hydration of the body can prevent any marks to develop. It all bottles down to the diet pattern and metabolic activities of the body. The proper nutritious diet shall ensure healthy skin. Most of the time, improper diet plans also lead to acne, pimples, and many skin ailments which result in permanent marks. It is mandatory to keep the skin neat and clean. Many instances, the environmental pollution causes skin damage and it may surely result as a mark on the skin. With varied weather conditions in the US, the skin tends to react to the difference in weather too.

At this juncture, it is better to know the different types of blemishes in the face. As such it is a broad term and there are specific aspects that we need to know so that it can be addressed comprehensively.

what causes blemishesTypes of Blemishes

There are several types of blemishes in the skin. The most common is the

  • Acne: Acne can appear due to hereditary reasons mostly. At the same time, Acne can appear as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. These are also due to dirt formation in the hair follicles. If it stays for a certain period, obvious chances of making a mark can never be avoided.

While acne stays as the major contributor of skin blemishing the next one is the

  • Papules: These are the pimple-like structure that can form in singles or clusters. It will be formed as a pink-colored boil and can stay for a very long period of time. At times, chickenpox and its marks form as papules.

Papules are smaller in size; Nodules are bigger and can cause major damage to your skin too. They are also hard in texture. On the other hand, age spots due to sun exposure are one of the types of blemishes.

The ingrown hair due to waxing and tweezing can also cause blemishes. This is why it is always suggested to reach out to a qualified parlor for any skin related treatments. While waxing can be a problem, the birthmarks which are right from childhood also be a reason for skin blemish.

Any external damages due to accidents or any other unfortunate incident can also be categorized as blemishes. The pricking of pimples may form scars and this scar is a type of blemish too.

Is it necessary to use a Blemish Cream?

Well, there are many home remedies for all types of blemishes. On the other hand, clinical treatment to the acnes and other types of blemishes is always recommended. The blemish cream comes as a gift to support you in this regard. The number of ingredients used in it shall help your skin to glow. The natural ingredients used in the cream shall assist you with no side effects too. The skin blemish must be addressed from the root, the best way is to use an appropriate blemish cream. This not only helps to get rid of any marks but also allows your skin to grow healthy.

Exposed Skin Care

Exposed skincare has amazing products that can reduce skin blemish and make you look younger than ever. The combination packs that they have are worth buying for guaranteed results. The natural ingredients used as the green tea and passionflower extract helps to treat your skin gently.

The acne and other skin blemish require aggressive action. The Liquorice root extract and the Tea tree oil act together to remove the excess oil from your face. This helps the entry of Aloe vera extract that is mixed with the cream. The overall support to remove the blemish and make your skin glowing is inevitable.

The combination pack has a set of lotions and creams that must be used as directed. The cleanser and moisturizer kit plays a vital role in clearing the entire excess blemish too. The time taken for this to happen depends on you. It ideally takes 60 days and less to have glowing skin if the situation is worse. At the same time, it is expected you to use it regularly and do not miss even a single time to achieve massive results.

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Zenmed Acne Therapy for Combination Skin

Wondering what your skin type is? Wondering which blemishes cream to use to reduce acne? You need not worry about it now. Zenmed Acne Therapy for Combination Skin has got all of it for you. Your skin can be of any type, the results are very good. A well-toned skin in a short span is the best factor for this product.

This combination pack shall help remove the clogs first. It also addresses the problems from the roots. The skin tone is made even in the very beginning. The highly commendable ingredients are used and this is a gift to many women in the world.

The instant refreshing blemish cream plays a vital role in making your skin look younger and healthier. With the price being very affordable, it is an intelligent option to buy this product.


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