[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The human body is indeed a mystical phenomenon. Our body can prevent abnormality on its own without any clinical treatments. At the same time, the self-treatment the body undergoes can be of trouble but does not have any major underlying medical reasons. The Callus can be of the best example in this case. Almost 45% of the working class in the US have this trouble. Strangely, more than half of these are women.

What is Callus?

It is a dry patch of skin that can be formed due to friction. As we say friction, it is caused when the part of the body is rubbing against an external object or the bone that is inside. Calluses are generally found in the feet. But there are cases that you can find calluses in the knees as well as elbows too.

It is a toughened part of this skin and does not have any serious medical implications. But, the irritation is at times unbearable. You can find callus near the heel or the ankle ball or even at the back of the heel. There are a few calluses that can be formed under the toes too.

In the US Calluses are mostly found in women than in men. The skin of a woman is always soft and the formation of Calluses is common among them. Calluses normally occur in those parts that experience pressure. Calluses as said earlier does not need any medical treatments. On the other hand, there may be some cases where you will feel the pain. Such cases require medical attention. Though not dangerous, it may be irritating and also ugly. The foot may be found chopped with skin pealing from it.

Calluses are bigger than the corns and they are found wider too. The main reason to take care while there is a callus is, it may cause infection. Calluses may lead to ulcerations of the skin. This might be multiplying as several infected patches if you are a diabetic patient.

CallusHow are Calluses formed?

While it is understood that the callus is formed by the repeated rubbing action of the bone or the external object on the skin, the external agent can be your shoe. This occurs for people who stand for a long time. The maximum pressure is applied on the foot and you wear a shoe that cannot be removed due to professional commitments. Further, if the shoe is narrow and pointed, you may find callus developing. If the shoe is of smaller size, you may develop callus then too.

At times the bone also may cause the callus because of friction and pressure. As we stated earlier, if you stand for a long time, the bone may get into action to apply pressure on the foot. On the other hand, any medical ailments like arthritis or hammertoes can also cause calluses in your leg.

A few behavioral aspects can also be added to this. If you have the habit of walking without socks, you are sure to have a callus in your foot. Wearing gloves while playing games may cause the same in the hand. Ideally, if you do not allow your hand or leg to have a circulation of air, you may find this developing.

While these being the reasons, there is one more aspect that can make your body succumb to calluses. That is smoking. This makes the skin brittle and if rubbed against your shoe or the glove may cause calluses too. Stopping the habit of smoking has many benefits and this is one too. Walking or running barefoot for a long time can cause callus too. It is always advised to wear a shoe; we mean a proper shoe that you are comfortable with.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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