In the US, Rosacea is a skin ailment commonly seen in the women of the age group between 30 to 50 years. The reasons may be attributed to many, but it is a skin ailment that needs to be taken care of. Especially it forms on the fair skin. Mistakenly understood as Acne, Rosacea affects 14 million people in the US on average. That means to say 5% of the people in the US have Rosacea.

What is Rosacea?

It is a red bump that is formed in the skin. It looks just like Acne but it is far different from it, in terms of reasons and complications. Widely seen in people with fairer skin, Rosacea normally affects women. Especially in their middle age once they are reaching their menopause stage. Having said that, Rosacea is also common among younger aged women around 30 years too.

What is RosaceaThough there are many treatments available in the US, mostly they are working on the symptoms and not on the root cause of the problem. More importantly, the home remedies that are known by US women through word of mouth also deals with the symptoms. Let us see the symptoms first before we move further.

The prominent changes in the skin can be noticed like

Having said that, there are cases where you can find the above-mentioned symptoms in the neck, head, ears, and chest.

The other symptoms are

  • Burning sensation in the skin
  • Dry skin Patches which is also rough
  • A swollen bulb-shaped nose
  • Large pores on the skin
  • Bumps on the cheeks

Rosacea, if not treated on properly, may also lead to thickened skin and the blood vessels may show up on the skin. For a few people, it may also affect the eyes and you may have the trouble to see as well.

What causes Rosacea?

There are many reasons for Rosacea to form on the skin. The experts have identified many reasons but few of those reasons may not apply to many women. Moreover, it has multiple reasons and let us see them one by one.

What causes RosaceaGenetic Disorder: This is one of the reasons that cause Rosacea. If it runs in your families, you have a 90% chance of having Rosacea.

Weak Blood Vessels: Well, blood vessels on the face can get widened when it is exposed to the sun. when the blood vessels are weak, it gets exposed to the skin and causes the redness and thus Rosacea.

Mites: This can be one of the reasons too. They are harmless. But for certain skin structure, it may be harmful and start irritating. It is also one of the reasons for Rosacea.

Bacteria: There is a type of bacteria called Pylori. This lives in our gut. This can raise the digestive hormones called gastrin and this is the prime reason for many to get Rosacea.

Having looked at these external factors, there are few reasons which can be attributed to Rosacea. It can cause if you

  • Have Light Skin
  • Have Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes
  • Are aged between 30 and 50 years
  • Are a woman
  • Have family members who are suffering from this
  • Had severe acne
  • Have the habit of smoking

The above list shall make it clear that Rosacea is common among many people. The trouble is, we mistake it as Acne and start treating for that. But this has got much to do with the facial blood vessels. Of course, the home remedies can help you subsidize the symptoms, but the chances of it recurring are always more.

Why do you need a Rosacea Cream?

Rosacea is a type of skin ailment that can get severe if not treated appropriately. Though not catastrophic, the chances of affecting your eyesight are more. The severity of Rosacea can raise your eyes and the blood vessels in your eyes can get damaged. It is always recommended to apply the cream meant for Rosacea regularly. Moreover, the cream that you use must contain natural ingredients and not chemical substances. These creams that are available in the market must be thoroughly analyzed before you buy them. Of course, there are top-class creams that are completely natural and makes your skin come back to normalcy.

Rosacea CreamZenmed Skin Support System

The skin support system must be the best choice for people who have sensitive skin. The smooth cleansing rosacea cream, as well as the nourishing mask, can easily work on your Rosacea. The anti-redness mask works right up to the root of your skin to bring back the glowing skin of yours. This support system can be used for long terms for reparative effects on your skin.

The Vitamin C Punctuated Support Serum that comes along with this skin support system is a wonderful natural substance that your skin needs. It works on the damaged blood vessels, strengthens them for bright skin. The collective effort of all three works on the damaged collagen and also improve the damaged skin fast.

The prize factor is, the product is completely natural. The gentle rosacea cream and the anti-redness mask shall never harm any type of skin too. Moreover, this is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin because tougher skins can still withstand chemical substances. On the other hand, the level of support Zenmed gives is incomparable.

The combination of all the products, allows the skin to calm first. It is instructed to use this support system to be used in the morning as well as night. Also, use the sunscreen provided while you step out of your house.

Zenmed Skin Support System

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Cream Cleanser

This is an amazing cream with a top-class natural formula. Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Cream tends to hydrate the skin and help to clear the Rosacea in a completely herbal way. The cream is easy to apply that shall save a lot of time too. The cream can work thoroughly yet gently to bring a solid change in the skin structure too.

The cleanser can work on the redness without any hassles. It is richly hydrating soothing smooth cream that allows the skin to glow y making the pores get a life. The glands in the skin start functioning immediately, which helps the facial blood vessels to grow stronger.

This cream is also recommended for people with eczema too. It is suggested to use this cream morning and evening regularly to see massive results. The skincare routine shall bring a glowing skin in a short span.

Paula’s choice cleanser cream is done keeping all types of skin in mind. It acts right up to the root cause and clears your skin with brightness and beauty. The product has no artificial chemicals added even for the fragrance. This is non-fragrant and that shows how powerful a cream can be.

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Cream Cleanser

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