Have you observed those swollen like portions under the eye, mostly in the people over a certain age? Well that isn’t as much of a disease as it is a common body condition – known as “Puffy eyes or Bags under the eyes”. More of a cosmetic concern than rarely a sign of something seriously wrong, Bags under eyes can appear like a swollen portion of the skin right below the eye that just sits there making it look as if some wasp had just sting it there!

Puffy eyes aren’t as alarming but they certainly have a tendency to appear as an aftermath of causes that may lead to other serious conditions.Here is a quick peek into few of the causes that end up in those bags under the eyes:

  • Aging – most common cause leading to the puffy eyes is aging. As one ages it is by default that the tissue structures and muscles supporting the eyelids begin to loosen up – this in turn takes a formation of settlement under the skin of the eye, this is also as a result of the fat around the eye skin as it settles into this formation making the skin saggy.
  • Fluid retention – as a tendency of the skin under eye may also lead up to the puffy eye condition. While the skin itself doesn’t become to absorb the fluid, that is rather a consequent effect of other reasons, here is what might cause the fluid retention as observed in general:
    • Lack of adequate sleep – adds up the burden on the skin under the eye thus advancing the effect of tissue maturity
    • Allergies – different allergies can cause serious skin conditions and may also add to the fluid retention condition.
    • Smoking – leads to the decay of skin cells in general, as a cause of this the eyes take up more moisture and fluid.
    • Heredity – if it runs in the family as a condition, chances are it might affect more.


Now, the good news is that there are quite a variety of ways in which one might look at diminishing the effect of puffy eyes. This ranges from techniques as basic as getting enough sleep to something more advanced like getting in consultation with a doctor for a cosmetic surgery. Here is a quick view into some of these tips and techniques that can be helpful right at your disposal: 

  • Cool compress – something as basic as a cool washed cloth can be of immense relief to those puffy eyes. A must try, we say, otherwise as well to prevent eyes from soring up!
  • Eye cream – there are a wide variety of products out there on the shelf to choose from, just know about the allergens that may cause itchiness or soreness on to other parts of your body. 
  • Potassium and salt – as salt deposits increase in your body the fluid retention increases as well – pass on salt through food consumption is a good way to remain upbeat on puffy eyes. Similarly, potassium also has an impact on the fluid absorption of our body just that in a reverse manner – this means consuming more of it will help absorb the fluid.
  • More water less alcohol – water hydrates the body and helps regeneration of those tissues while alcohol does just the opposite of it. Staying wary of alcohol can go a long way in avoiding puffy eyes.
  • Allergies – knowing about those allergies which may well make you itch or rub the areas around you eye is a good way to keep puffiness afar.
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